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Our Projects

Here. There. Anywhere: Generating Power on Land, Water, and Buildings

Pristine Sun develops projects on land, in the water, on commercial rooftops, and large-scale carports. We have developed more than 350 solar and wind projects (including sold projects) totaling more than 2 GW of clean, renewable power — with 3 GW more on the way!


1.3 MW Jardine Almond Farm Project, San Luis Obispo County, California


Generating renewable energy and honey? Sweet. See how we embrace agrivoltaics.


1 MW Stroing Bee Farm Project, Tehama, California


1.3 MW Cotton Ranch Project, Butte County, California

1.6 MW Terzian Sheep Ranch, Fresno County California

We're shepherds of sustainability - which can literally involve sheep. See how we embrace agrivoltaics.


Floating solar panels, known as floatovoltaics, can bring unexpected advantages. For example, they can help a water utility by generating clean power, reducing algae growth, and lowering evaporation. (Algae growth costs money, and water evaporation loses money.) Floatovoltaic projects are unusual, and not every solar project developer can design and build them. Pristine can.


6 MW Olivenhain Reservoir floatovotaic project, San Diego County, California


400 kW at a building in Richmond, California. This reflects phase 1 of 3 phases, which will total 3 MW.

Commercial and Industrial

Pristine Sun has designed and built 200-plus commercial and industrial rooftop installations spanning 22 states.

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