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The Power to
Improve Our World

Who We Are

Pristine Sun Corporation develops small- and large-scale solar projects that range from:

  • 3 MW or less

  • 100 MW or more

We develop, own, and operate our projects and then sell the electricity to investment-grade utilities. We design and build on land, industrial rooftops, carports, and ponds (floating solar.) The Pristine team has built more than 350 solar and wind power plants totaling more than 2 GW of power. (This includes projects that have been sold). See some of our projects

Solar Panels
What Makes Us Different

Pristine Sun was founded in 2009 by solar industry veterans with decades of experience. The leadership team includes additional renewable-energy pioneers. This depth and breadth of experience gives Pristine the right insights, connections, and expertise to build efficiently and cost-effectively. See our milestones.

Many companies build solar farms, but we strive to make ours Pristine. We design and build farms to be more sustainable than typical solar projects through agrivoltaics. See what we mean.

How We Work

Identifying suitable projects and locations — and making them more sustainable — is complex, and many companies discover the hard way that their project isn’t viable. Or they face unexpected delays and costs.

We use a proprietary system to analyze every aspect of a project, including land lease vs. purchase, potential layout, battery storage, costs, permitting, interconnect opportunities, environmental issues, how to improve sustainability — even regional job creation. Who and How We Help.

We have positive, long-standing relationships with off-takers, municipalities, and government agencies, which can help streamline processes.

We negotiate fairly on long-term leases with landowners. We work transparently, so they know exactly what to expect and when. We accommodate each landowner’s preference — hands-on involvement? No problem. Set it and forget it? We’ll keep you informed, but not bombarded.




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